"These are a few of my favorite things"
         (You know that song, ne? Who in the world would list 'whiskers on kittens' as a favorite thing?? )

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                                                          The RPG game Lyra and I GM


                                                                        My Other Pages

My Anthropomorphic Art

My photos of cemeteries, ranging from those here in Denver, to Pere Lachaise in Paris

                                                      Other Artists Pages

Elfwood: One of the largest galleries of amateur fantasy artists out there! I just became a member myself!
Visit Elfwood

My imoutochan's page!

My friend Beth's Page! Excellent Furry Art

Weston Firerunner, another great furry artist

Chaos Ink, a husband and wife team who do some wicked kewl art!

 Ashura's page, gorgeous original art! Lots of Bishounen! ^^
A Doujinshi Circle! Very kewl stuff to be found

Lovely Shoujo art from a French artist named Aurore! Purrr

Another French artist with beautiful, CLAMP influenced art.

Another Doujinshi group with droolsome art!

Kawaii art! And an adorable original manga. Go read!

This is a completely charming manga! It's so sweet. I wish I could ink like this. Go read!

Another wonderfully inventive manga! *-* Go read!

A site with tons of images and info on several professional manga artists!

                                                                       "Who will Buy?"

Where I get my manga and soundtrack fix!

SASUGABOOKS    It usually takes about a month to get the manga after ordering, because they special order anything not in stock from Japan. However, if you can stand the wait, these folks are TERRIFIC! I love them! I got Weiss Kreuz PEACE from them! ^^

FIREFLY ANIMATION   Firefly was the first place that I ever ordered Manga from. While they don't carry the stock Sasuga does, they keep a nice selection available and are very kind, friendly people.

PLANET ANIME   Another excellent source for manga and artbooks!

HOUSE OF ANIME   I have bought some great artbooks from here. They are very expedient, and they ship FOR FREE!

ANIME CASTLE   This is where I go for anime soundtracks. They have a large selection at excellent prices. You can also order that yum-yum-yummy treat Pocky from them. (I can't tell you how much I wish I had some Pocky biccies right now...^^;;)

Where I get fansubbed anime! *Sniff* I love these guys so much! ^_^
I have received several tapes from each of these distributors, and they have always been in perfect condition.

SOYOKAZE FANSUBS    Very quick turn around, and a good selection of fansubs available. These include all the Weiss tapes to date! (Aya-kun...*Drool*...ahem..I'm back now) They carry some shonen-ai stuff too, such as Zetsuai Bronze.

KODOCHA ANIME CLUB    Again, very quick turn around, usually within a week to ten days. One major plus with Kodocha is that they are ALWAYS open for distribution. They are also the people who subtitle Chld's Toy. If you have never seen this anime series, I suggest you do so. It is the most hysterical, hyper anime I have ever watched. ^-^

                                             "There is, unseen by most, a dark side...."
                                                                       Goth Stuff

TARTBLOSSOM  Anime Style hair! They sell ponytails and switches in a wide range of colors. Very kewl for your goth wardrobe, or for your anime costumes.

BRUTE FORCE LEATHER  Some incredible leather corsets.

VAMPIRE COSMETICS  Looking for that perfect bruised shade to adorn your brow? Or lipstick the color of blood? Here's the place to find it!

AZRAEL'S ACCOMPLICE  As she says, "Dead gorgeous" clothes. I have a corset from here, and I recommend her highly! Exquisite work!

DRAC-IN-A-BOX  More delicious goth clothing. Based in the UK, but they ship to the US.

JEANNIE NITRO  Yes! More pretty, pretty clothes!

GRAVESTONE ARTWEAR  This company produces t-shirts than bear the designs from early american tombstones. Really kewl and really unique!

                  "Elves, Personalities and other things that don't fit above. ^^"



A completely original fantasy fanzine, just taking off!

A comprehensive list of purity tests to keep you manic for hours!

Personality tests galore.