About Me

Hello! This is me, Arion. I am not actually blue of course...more of a pale sallow shade. (Very hard to find make up that matches! The industry apparently thinks that all fair people have pink-toned skin.)  
I dye my hair with great frequency; usually going between black and red. I tried blonde once, and it was very scary.  
Now, considering my subject matter at times, some people think I am a guy. I'm not! I'm not! See? ^-^  
I am very fond of make-up. I tend to dress a bit goth, and indeed, that is my favorite look and music genre. However, I find it hard to be depressed for long, so if I must have a category, it would be perkygoth. I absolutely loathe those people who define themselves as goths and go off on long dreary tangents about the depth of their sad souls. How very pretentious. And pointless! And overdone!  
Yeah, I know, I am opinionated. I can't help it.
What I Like To Draw Anthropomorphs, anime/manga art, fantasy art, elves. 
I have been drawing furries for as long as I can recall. I used to draw these dog people when I was a child-they had quite the elaborate world. The main character was a blonde dog named Athena. (I had a penchant for Greek Myths too. ^^) 
Of course, some people to this day insist that they were horse people, damn them! (Joe, do you hear me?)
My Favorite Mediums (Yuri Gellar aside!)  
I am currently obsessed with my markers. So obsessed, I have not used anything else lately. My watercolors are drying up in a corner and my prismacolors are dusty. ^^ I really should use them one day....
The Artists That Inspire Me Terri Smith, CLAMP, You Higuri, Watase Yuu,  Saito Chiho, Yuki Kaori, Yo Su-Lan,  Kao Yung, Ozaki Minami, Takahashi Rumiko, Alfred Mucha, Ruth Thompson.
The Music That Inspires Me London After Midnight, The Last Dance, The Cure, Faith And The Muse, The Shroud, Jack Off Jill, Dir En Grey, Buck Tick, X Japan, Bella Morte, Heather Alexander, Tempest, The Cruxshadows, lots of anime soundtracks, musicals.
My Favorite Comics  Elfquest, A Distant Soil. JTHM, Lenore, Sandman, Havoc Inc.
My Favorite Anime and Manga Rurouni Kenshin, WeiB Kreuz, Utena, Tokyo Babylon, X, Angel Sanctuary, Tenshi Ni Narumon, His And Her Circumstance, Kaikan Phrase, Clamp Campus Detectives, Card Captor Sakura, Earthian, Bakuretsu Hunters, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon,  Ranma, Inu-Yasha, Seimaden, Cutlass, Ludwig, Flame Of Recca, YuYu Hakusho,  Kodomo No Omocha, Akazukin Cha Cha,  Zetsuai/Bronze, Fire King, Heracles.
My Favorite Books The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, The Collected Works Of Poe by (of course) Edgar Allen Poe, Little Sister by Kara Dalkey, The Arrows Of The Queen Series by Mercedes Lackey, The Empty Crown Series by Rosemary Edgehill (Thanks for those Lyra! ^^)  I love ghost books and books on cemeteries.  There are so many others-but I can't think of them right now. ^^
My Favorite Consumables Of The Moment (Why did I add this?) Sushi, lobster, shrimp, Mongolian Tofu , chocolate and coffee, coffee, coffee!
My Favorite Martian Why, Uncle Martin, of course! (Yeah, I am a hopeless slave to old tv trivia...)