Muse Midnight: Hi-hi!
Kirei Neko Chan: Hiya!
Muse Midnight: I can't DL Napster on my
Kirei Neko Chan: Puu! How come?
Muse Midnight: When I tried to dl it, it said that it
couldn't be found on the server.
Kirei Neko Chan: Hmm...That sucks!
Muse Midnight: Hai. I'm thinking of copying the
program from here onto a zip disk and moving it onto the
laptop that way.
Muse Midnight: Did you have a good sleep?
Kirei Neko Chan: ^^Ah! Maybe that will work! It
would suck not to have Napster.
Muse Midnight: Hai, it would.....I need my music......
Kirei Neko Chan: Haihai- I slept til 12:30 and then
had to start dinner. ^^
Muse Midnight: Whatcha' having for dinner?
Kirei Neko Chan: Well, the family is having
Corned Beef and cabbage and red potatoes, along
with homemade Irish Oatmeal bread and scones. ^^
All made by me. I'll have all but the corned beef.
Muse Midnight: ^^
Kirei Neko Chan: ^-^ I like to cook every once in
a while.
Kirei Neko Chan: I gotta get cracking on some art
for the con.
Muse Midnight: Lyra = not good cook. Then
again....I've never really tried. ^^
Muse Midnight: I'm coloring the wings now.......
Kirei Neko Chan: ^^Goodgood!
Muse Midnight: ^^
Muse Midnight: What are you going to draw?
Kirei Neko Chan: Hmm...Well, maybe Jeanne and
one of Kenshin. Dunno what else! ^^
Muse Midnight: I'm going to attempt one of Saturn in a
little bit.....after I finish coloring Sorrow.
Kirei Neko Chan: Kewl!
Muse Midnight: I don't know how well I can pull it
off.....but I'll try.
Kirei Neko Chan: I think people like her
particularly well.
Muse Midnight: She's my fave outer senshi, but you
knew that already. ^^
Kirei Neko Chan: Hai! ^^ I still like Haruka-chan!
Muse Midnight: I know you do. ^^
Kirei Neko Chan: ^-^
Muse Midnight: I kinda like the way Sorrow's wings are
turning out.....
Kirei Neko Chan: Good! You scan and send when
done, nee?
Muse Midnight: Hai.....I still have to color her skin,
boots, and gloves......
Muse Midnight: Ano......on the Ame/Arashi pic I'm
contemplating doing....think I should keep it within the
pg-13 boundaries of most of our pics? ^^
Kirei Neko Chan: Is up to you! We can always
have an 18 gallery if you want to do something
nekkid. ^^
Kirei Neko Chan: We'll have to have an 18 thing if
we ever do stories anyhoo!
Muse Midnight: I dunno. ^^;; I'm tempted to try
streching my drawing ablities....and the top I'm thinking of
drawing Ame in......
Kirei Neko Chan: ^-^
Muse Midnight: ^-^ Ari as a faerie is going to be
nekkid......nothing but hair. ^^ Kosa, stop drooling! You
too Chris!!
Kirei Neko Chan: Yeah, if you want to stay
Muse Midnight: But Riiiiiaaaaaa.....*pouts*
Kirei Neko Chan: *Glowers* Nobody is seeing
my sister naked! So stop drooling! *Whaps Kosa
for good measure.*
Muse Midnight: Ape Leather: Alternative Leather
Accessories - Online Store
The top I'm thinking of putting on Ame is like the very last
pic on this page.....
Muse Midnight: *sighs* Not fair. You're going to let
her draw Ari as a faerie, but we can't look.....
Kirei Neko Chan: That's right. She's a girl-and
besides, I can't very well stop them. But I can stop
you two!
Muse Midnight: *sits on couch and pouts*
Kirei Neko Chan: OH my! Looks like an Ame
outfit to be sure!
Muse Midnight: That's what I thought when I first saw
it. ^^
Kirei Neko Chan: *Sits by Chris and sighs* It'd
just be a drawing, after all...and you always say
naked art is not porn...nee?
Kirei Neko Chan: *Hurls a pillow at Kosaku's
Muse Midnight: *nods in agreement with Kosa*
Muse Midnight: *watching this and being vaguely
Kirei Neko Chan: It's different in this case, and you
know it! *Turns to Lyra.* You shouldn't draw my
sister naked!
Muse Midnight: *blinks* But her hair is going to be
covering all the vital parts.......
Kirei Neko Chan: *Grumbles and sits on the couch
with arms folded* Dun want guys ogling imoutochan.
Muse Midnight: *grins* Would you prefer me to draw
you in girl-type form as a faerie?
Muse Midnight: *is being to nosebleed*
Kirei Neko Chan: *Big eyed and blushing* IIE!
Muse Midnight: *giggles* I was just kidding. I'm
drawing Ari as a faerie, not you.
Kirei Neko Chan: (I'm reading a fanfic where Duo
has been turned into a baby, and Heero is caring for
Muse Midnight: (I've heard of that, I think.....)
Kirei Neko Chan: (It's sorta cute. ^^)
Muse Midnight: (^-^)
Kirei Neko Chan: *Settles back against the couch
and sighs* Okay, okay-but that hair better cover
everything, or I'll draw YOU naked and post it on
the internet. *Sticks his tongue out*
Muse Midnight: *laughs at Ria* I don't think so.
Kirei Neko Chan: Why not? *Blinks up curiously*
Muse Midnight: I kinda like
this headpiece.....
Muse Midnight: Brb, my brother wants the phone for a
Muse Midnight: Back now!
Kirei Neko Chan: ^-^
Muse Midnight: And, Ria, as for why try
that and see how long it takes me to draw a pic of you and
Kirei Neko Chan: *Abject horror* You win,
Muse Midnight: *grins* Wai! *hugs Ria* I wouldn't
really do that to you, you know?
Kirei Neko Chan: No? *Smiles* Promise? Ame's
Muse Midnight: Hai, I long as you don't
try drawing me, okay?
Kirei Neko Chan: Okay!
Muse Midnight: ^-^
Kirei Neko Chan: Nee imouto, you want to RP?
Muse Midnight: Uhh.....okay. ^^
Kirei Neko Chan: (I dunno why-It's not very well
written...But I like this Duo-baby story. ^^)
Kirei Neko Chan: your turn to start today!
Muse Midnight: (^^ I'm trying to put finishing touches
on Sorrow....what kind of bg should I put on it?)
Muse Midnight: As Erika wandered around the
amusement park with some friends of hers, she surveyed
the crowd to see if there was anyone else she knew.
Suddenly, she spotted her favorite person in the world.
"Ria-kun!!" she trilled, dashing over and glomping the
surprised boy.
Muse Midnight: (You there?)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Gomen! Was getting a lecture.
Muse Midnight: (Lecture?)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Haiii. Pop found my credit card
Muse Midnight: (Ooooh....^^)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Haiiiii. ^^ Got the, what if we
weren't here and you had to make it on your own
Muse Midnight: (^^;; I need to get a checking acct
soon......once I get a job, I guess....)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Haihai. ^^ Checking account
Muse Midnight: (^^ Money good.)
Kirei Neko Chan: Riathynn's eyes were the size of
saucers as Erika came out of nowhere and latched
onto him. //What am I being punished for?// He
wondered silently as his family stared. "Hi Erika."
Riathynn said, trying to disentangle himself from her.
Kirei Neko Chan: (^^Moneymoney! Pop's right
though, I should be saving mine, not wasting it so
Muse Midnight: "I didn't know you were going to be
here, Ria! You should have called and we could have come
together!" Erika babbled on, smiling up at Ria. "Have you
been on the new rollercoaster yet? It's wicked."
Muse Midnight: (I'm going to be saving about half of
my paycheck everytime I get paid.....^^)
Kirei Neko Chan: Tamlyn regarded this woman
who was hanging on his papa curiously. "Nee, who
are you?" he asked Erika, blinking wide violet eyes.
Kirei Neko Chan: (I should do that too-and lock
away my credit card for a while. ^^)
Muse Midnight: Erika blinked down at the little boy
next to Ria, surprised to see him. "I'm Erika." she said with
a bright smile as she knelt down to see him. "Are you one
of Ria's cousins?"
Muse Midnight: (I kinda have to do it. I have to give
half of my paycheck to Mama, part of it goes to pay for my
laptop....the other part gets put into savings to pay for my
student loans once I graduate.)
Kirei Neko Chan: Riathynn winced a little bit,
getting the distinct impression that things were going
to get ugly. Tam smiled at the
blonde girl, giggling as he replied. "Iie! My name is
Tamlyn. That's my papa!"
Muse Midnight: Erika blinked, and then blinked again
as she stood. "Your papa?" She turned to look at Ria.
"You have a child?!" She was shaking a bit, a sure sign she
was ready to throw a fit.
Kirei Neko Chan: Riathynn looked a bit like a deer
caught in headlights, but he nodded quickly, skirting
around so he stood in front of Tam. "Hai Erika. And
that;s Illyria, my daughter."
Muse Midnight: Erika opened her mouth to say
something else, but suddenly Chris came over with a big
smile and took her arm, leading her away.
"Hey, Erika, let's go to the haunted house, okay?" he
murmured to her, not taking no for an answer. *You owe
me for this, Ria.*
Muse Midnight wants to send file
Kirei Neko Chan: Riathynn's shoulders sagged in
relief, and he picked Tam up and hugged him.
"Uh...L-let's get those sodas, ne minna." *Thanks
Chrisitan! I adore you!* he sent gratefully.
Muse Midnight: Iria blinked up at her father from where
she was latched onto Masaya. "Who was that, Papa? She
was angry....." she murmured quietly, her violet eyes large.
Kirei Neko Chan received c:\download\kirei
neko chan\sorrowcc.jpg but it doesn't agree
with original.
Kirei Neko Chan: "A friend..." Riathynn explained
to his daughter as he sat Tam on the bench while
Kaori and Kosa went to get the drinks. "But I don't
know if we're going to be friends"
Riathynn bit his lip, then smiled at the twins and
kissed each one on the forehead.
Muse Midnight: (The piccy looks better in person....^^)
Muse Midnight: Iria hugged her father close, kissing
his cheek. "Why wouldn't she want to be your friend?
You're very nice, Papa." She gave him an adorable little
smile before settling back down next to her twin.
Masaya looked at Ria in concern, but didn't say anything.
He had realized what had just happened.
Kirei Neko Chan: Riathynn chuckled as his
daughter kissed him. "Well thanks baby." He said,
looking over at Masaya with a small smile.
Kosaku set the sodas on the table, along with a
couple of funnel cakes. "Here you go minna." He
said, ruffling Tam's hair. He spotted Ari and Minoru
returning from the restrooms and waved. "Over
Muse Midnight: Ari grinned as she sat down at the
table. "Hey minna. We miss anything while we were
gone?" she asked, sipping at her sprite.
Kirei Neko Chan: "Hai!" Tam nodded. "This lady
ran up and hugged papa an' I asked her who she
was an' she told me an' asked if I was a cousin an' i
told her papa is my papa, and she got kinda funny
an' uncle Chris took her to the haunted house!" Tam
popped some funnel cake into his mouth. "Mmm!
This is yummy!"
Muse Midnight: Ari blinked as she followed the fast
sentence of Tam's. "Ohh..." She quirked her eyebrow and
looked at Ria, munching on some of the funnel cake. *I
take it you ran into Erika.*
Kirei Neko Chan: *She ran into us, more like. At
least she didn't have time to ask who the mother is.*
Ria was idly pushing his strap up and down in his
soda, making a squeaking sound as he sat with his
chin propped in one hand.
Kirei Neko Chan: straw!
Kirei Neko Chan: Not strap!
Muse Midnight: (Wanna skip to the trip home? Brb,
wanna go see if I can snag a piece of garlic bread....)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Okie! I need to run and check
on dinner!)
Muse Midnight: Arianrod snuggled sleepily against
Minoru's side after climbing into Kaori's suv. They had
spent all day at the amusement park, and everyone was
rather worn out. "Did you have fun, sweetlings?" she
asked the little twins.
Muse Midnight: (Tell me what you think of the colored
pic, okay?)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Back!0
Muse Midnight: (Wb)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Thankies!^^)
Muse Midnight: (You see my post?)
Kirei Neko Chan: "Hai auntie." Tam agreed,
snuggling against Arianrod, his arm wrapped around
his sister. "Was cool..."
Muse Midnight: "I'm glad you liked it, precious." Ari
yawned, stroking his hair gently. Poor Iria was already
sound asleep next to Tam.
Chris smiled, and when they pulled up to the Fujimaro
home, he got out, and opened the door. "Let's get these
munchkins inside, ne?" he murmured, picking Tam up
Kirei Neko Chan: "Hai, they are ready for a long
sleep." Ria said, picking Iria up and heading inside
with the little girl, who clutched her panda as she
Muse Midnight: Chris carried Tam up the stairs to the
room he shared with his twin, and gently tucked him into
bed with his stuffed pikachu. "Sweet dreams, Tam." he
whispered, kissing his forehead.
Muse Midnight: Ari stumbled up the stairs with
Minoru, a sleepy little smile on her face as she yanked him
into her room.
Kirei Neko Chan: Riathynn carefully placed Iria in
her bed and tucked her in, smiling at Chris as he
headed to the door. "I wonder if Julian-san is still in
your closet?" Minoru
followed Ari, falling on the bed with her in his arms
and kissing her. "Mmm...I feel like I have been in a
battle today. All those jarring rides.." He chuckled.
Muse Midnight: "Hmm....maybe. I don't know. I guess
I should go check, ne?" Chris chuckled as he walked with
Ria. "Ano....about Erika.....she was steamed, Ria....I
Ari giggled softly, snuggling against Minoru's chest. "Hai,
is very overwhelming sometimes, beloved..." she mumbled,
kissing him again.
Kirei Neko Chan: Riathynn rubbed the back of his
neck, sighing. "I figured...I...Do you think I should
try to explain things to her? Would it matter now?"
Riathynn's shoulders seemed to slump with each
word. "Indeed."
Minoru said, nuzzling Arianrod's throat. "I shall sleep
for a day I think." He sat up and divested himself of
the tee-shirt, stretching his long arms with a yawn.
Muse Midnight: Chris hugged Ria gently, ruffling his
hair. "You could try explaining it to her, Ria. I mean, you
never know what could happen. Though.....she seemed to
have her heart set on being your girlfriend...."
"Sleeeep....." Ari murmured, her eyes lighting sleepily.
"Sleep good. Snuggles good....." She slid off the bed and
quickly removed her clothing before slipping into her silk
Muse Midnight: (Brb, must help mama color hair.....)
Muse Midnight: (Nevermind.....^^)
Kirei Neko Chan: (No help needed?)
Muse Midnight: (No, tousan is in the bathroom.
Kirei Neko Chan: "Hai..I...I do like her..I just
never..never wanted to be more than her friend." Ria
sighed again, leaning his head on the taller boy's
shoulder for a moment. "Anyway..thanks for
helping...You should go see if mr. Dracula is still
Minoru pulled Ari back onto the bed anc curled
around her slender form, kissing her brow and
cheek. "I love you, my tenshi no hime." He breathed.
Muse Midnight: "Okay, Ria. You get some sleep, hmm?
Sweet dreams." Chris replied, bending to kiss Ria's cheek
before heading back downstairs to the basement. As he
made his way down, he looked around some. "Julian-san?
Are you still here?" he called quietly.
"I love you too, my prince." Ari snuggled against him, and
burrowed beneath the sheets, so she could warm up again.
Kirei Neko Chan: Julian was perched on the arm
of the couch, still as a statue until Christian spoke.
"Hai, I am. I woke only a few minutes ago." The
vampire didn't have his coat on yet, and the frothy
lace of his collar was open to expose a long neck
and a smooth chest. Without his coat, it was easy to
see Julian was no bigger than Riathynn-every bit as
slender-yet, he could pick up a grown man like he
was lifting a ragdoll. (^^) "Did you enjoy your
Kirei Neko Chan: (Sorrow looks good! Wings are
Muse Midnight: "Yes, I did. Thank you for asking."
Chris murmured, continuing down until he reached the
bottom of the stairs. "I trust you slept well? there
anything I can get for you?" Chris yawned a bit,
stretching. He wasn't really tired, but his muscles were
beginning to get stiff again.
Muse Midnight: (The color looks okay on them? I just
colored really hard with the crimson, and lightly went over
it with black...)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Hai! Looks nice!)
Muse Midnight: ('kay!)
Kirei Neko Chan: Julian smiled and shook his
head. "No thank you Christian." He watched the
way the boy was moving and added. "Would you
like some more of that salve? You seem rather stiff."
Muse Midnight: Chris blinked at Julian, then smiled a
bit. "If it wouldn't be an imposition to you." he murmured.
"I think I overdid it today....and my muscles are stiffening
Muse Midnight: (Brb, must go help mama now.)
Muse Midnight: (Back!)
Kirei Neko Chan: (Kay!)
Muse Midnight: (^-^)
Kirei Neko Chan: "Lie down then." Julian entreated
as he stood to fetch his bag. The vampire sat beside
Chris once the boy had stretched out and began
applying the salve. "Hn. I should sy you overdid it.
Your back is knotted worse than before."
Kirei Neko Chan: (Brb! Need to put the potatoes
in with the corned beef now!)